Dining Room

Whether you use your dining area for meals every day, only on special occasions, or hardly at all, the room can be so much more than simply a place to dine.

We asked designer Sara Gilbane—known for her rich and layered interiors—for expert tips and ideas for layouts that help maximize the often underutilized space. “We treat the dining room as a multipurpose space, especially in smaller homes. But even in larger apartments and houses, it doesn’t get enough airtime.”

Here, Sara breaks down three ways to get more out of your dining room layout.

While the other two options are meant to give additional utility to your dining room, this layout is a way to maximize your living/dining options from Gleam Clean Memphis tn in a space-challenged home.

For a smaller space with an open dining area, Sara likes to turn the dining table into “an everyday comfort space. It’s really nice because the majority of the time you’re not using it for eating hughes air co. Choose a pretty table that can be used as a desk or as a serving place for appetizers.”

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